Top Five Causes of Dry Eye

There is Help for Your Dry Eye Symptoms at True Focus Eye Care in Pasco County

At True Focus Eye Care we treat many patients who suffer from dry eye. Dry eye may be a symptom of a larger issue, caused by a lifestyle factor, or an issue that comes and goes without apparent cause to the patient. No matter the cause, we are your source for relief from any eye discomfort in and around Port Richey, including all of Pasco and Hernando County.

Top Five Causes of Dry Eye

  • Smoking: Cigarette use can cause other eye problems including disease, but the first symptom you may notice from smoking is dry eyes even while not lighting up.
  • Computer, Phone, or Other Excessive Screen Use: Whether it is part of your job, or just a habit, screen time can cause dry eye symptoms. This is because you blink less while staring at media and over time this can add up to very dry, itchy, and tired eyes.
  • Aging: Many people complain of having dryer eyes as they age. A healthy diet full of good fats like fish oils and avocado oils can help. Discuss your symptoms with your optometry doctor for specific recommendations and perhaps a prescription for eye drops.
  • Medications: Certain medicines can cause dry eyes as a side effect. Discuss any medications you are taking with the eye doctor when you visit to rule out this cause.
  • Change in Atmosphere: Going from an atmosphere that you are used to, to a dryer atmosphere can cause chronic dry eye feelings while you are there. Flying often can also cause these symptoms even when you are back home again.

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