Contact lenses In Port Richey, FL

Contact Lens Clinic

Contact lenses in port Richey, FL

Contact Lens Clinic

Contact Lens Clinic in Port Richey, FL 

Are you looking for a contact lens clinic in Port Richey, Florida? At Eye Opening Designs, we are excited to welcome you to our contact lens clinic at True Focus Eye Care.  

    Our team of experts provides exceptional eye care services and innovative contact lens solutions tailored to your needs. Our head optometrist, Dr. Veronia Abadeer, is a board-certified and highly skilled optometrist with a passion for enhancing the vision of her patients. If you’re struggling with complex corneal diseases, our clinic is the perfect place for you!

      A personalized approach to contact lenses 

      At Eye Opening Designs, we offer a range of cornea and specialty contact lenses. We fit corneal gas permeable (GP) lenses, scleral contact lenses, and soft prosthetic contact lenses to help manage complex corneal conditions. Whether you’re dealing with keratoconus or another corneal condition, we have the solution to improve your vision and comfort. 

      Our clinic provides custom contact lenses specific to your prescription and lifestyle. We know that one size does not fit all, and that’s why we take the time to understand your unique needs, preferences, and goals. From there, we’ll recommend a contact lens that fits you perfectly and helps you see clearly and comfortably.  

      We specialize in fitting contact lenses for a range of conditions, including: 

      • Keratoconus 
      • Corneal degeneration 
      • Post grafts 
      • Corneal dystrophies 
      • Corneal ectasia 

      Visit us today! 

      Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our specialized contact lenses. Let us open your eyes to the possibilities of enhanced vision!