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When patients walk into True Focus Eye Care for the first time, our optometrists and the rest of our team of eye care professionals want them to feel like they are a part of the family. One of the things we feel distinguishes us from the rest is our dedication to each and every one of our patients. We make sure we keep our schedules open and flexible enough so that we can give each patient all the time they need to have their questions answered, and also give them the opportunity to feel comfortable with the process and or procedure they are going to at the time of their visit. Here are a few other things that make our practice unique and special.

Everybody Is Somebody

Here in our practice, we treat all of our patients like they are the most important people in the world because they are. We don’t want people to for their eye doctor appointments, this is why our eye care team does everything in our power to make all of our patients feel right at home. Our optometry professionals provide comprehensive eye exams and other eye care services to people who have physical and intellectual disabilities. Our team also services infants between the ages of 6 to 12 months for free through the InfantSee Program. We also want to reach our patients where they are, which is why we have a YouTube page where we will post interesting eye related topics monthly. You can find our page by searching True Focus Eye Care.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our eye doctors and our entire team of eye care professionals enjoy teaching our patients about how to keep their eyes healthy. During our conversations with our patients, we discuss why it is so important to have a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year. We also talk about the importance of yearly glaucoma screenings, Plaquenil screenings and diabetic eye evaluations. Our optometrist team can also conduct a LASIK consultation.

We believe in the principle of people who know better tend to do better, and there is nothing more exciting to our team to discover our patients are beginning to do their own research on eye health and are starting to incorporate many of the things we’ve discussed into their daily routines.


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Here at True Focus Eye Care, we are a full-service eye care center. We not only offer comprehensive eye exams, but we also specialize in the treatment and maintenance of certain eye diseases, like macular degeneration, dry eye, and glaucoma. We also conduct contact lens fittings here in our office in addition to affording our patients a vast array of traditional glasses and eyewear, shades and sportswear.

Our commitment to service and healthy eyes goes far beyond our practice, as we make charitable donations to our area Rotary club, area schools and a host of charitable programs. To learn more about our community efforts or how we can help you, give us a call at (727) 819-0440 today.


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