Our office was founded Dr. Mark Mathews, III.  After working at St. Luke’s for 2 years, Dr. Mathews had the desire to own his own practice.  After trying 2 locations in New Port Richey, in 1996 he and his wife, Harriet, decided to build their own stand alone office on Embassy Blvd, which is where we are located now.  Dr. Mathews with the help of his wife and his staff created an office that has exemplified excellence for years.  Other Optometrists that help mold this office was Dr. Causey, Dr. Azzue, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Ruckman, and lastly Dr. Shenai.

Dr. Vijay Shenai, a former patient of this office, was asked by Dr. Mathews to take ownership of this practice and help bring a new energy to the office. Dr. Shenai gladly accept his offer, giving him the opportunity to be close to his family.  One of Dr. Shenai’s primary focus has been to assure our patients that this office will continue to provide top notch eye care to all ages without compromising value.  This is why Dr. Shenai decided to name the office True Focus Eye Care.  We did not want the focus on a singular person but on a singular purpose.  Dr. Mathews will continue seeing patients until he decides to fully retire.  It is Dr. Mathews’ wish that all of his long time patients meet Dr. Shenai to appreciate that this office is in great hands and will continue to flourish for many years to come.

Along with the new name, a new mission statement and vision was added also.

Mission Statement: To serve others above ourselves and to continually increase the knowledge of health and wellness of our staff and our patients.

Our Vision: To be elite in our field, provide the best care by utilizing new technology and research, and to be a beacon to our community for inspiration, education and health.