True Focus Eye Care in Port Richey serves Pasco County and Hernando County and one of the many eye care services we provide includes low vision care. You may know that we specialize in all types of eye care for your family, however, our low vision care services go the extra mile. 

When to Visit an Eye Doctor for Low Vision

The question that most people have about low vision or just eye care in general, is whether or not it is time to see the eye doctor. We recommend coming in for a visit with one of our doctors as soon as you start to have vision issues. Low vision is a condition in which vision cannot be corrected by glasses, surgery or medicine. The cause of this condition varies but most commonly it is associated with an eye disorder such as macular degeneration or glaucoma. Although low vision cannot be cured, people with the condition can be helped in living their daily lives.

About Low Vision Therapy

When you suffer from low vision, that is categorically the inability to see well in all environments. You might have cloudy vision, blurred vision, or even spotty vision depending on your low vision issues. After an exam or an eye evaluation, the eye doctor will go over treatment options and low vision aids which can include both optical and electronic magnification devices. The goal of low vision therapy is to assist the remaining vision abilities in the patient by using the most current techniques and technology available.

What to Expect

We start you with a low vision exam to see what level of vision therapy is required. A comprehensive eye exam will provide our eye doctors with everything needed to begin treatments. If your vision can still be helped by eyeglasses or contacts, or an advanced treatment like eye surgery, we have those solutions available. If however, it is determined that your vision cannot be restored, we will be able to recommend some devices along with a list of local resources that may be able to help. Before your appointment, you can visit our online welcome center to download all of the paperwork your eye doctor needs for your services. This will save you some time and energy when you arrive for eye care at our low vision clinic.

Contact Our Low Vision Clinic in Port Richey Today

When it comes to low vision services in Port Richey, our team is ready to assist you. Contact True Focus Eye Care today by calling us at 727-819-0440. You can also reach out to us through our website. We offer discounts on services as well as 15 percent off the second pair of eyeglasses for all new patients. Make sure to ask about our latest discounts when you make your appointment.