At one time or another in their lifetime, most people will experience eye problems. These eye conditions will heal on their own if they are minor. However, common eye conditions may require treatment from an eye doctor. Eye exams need to be conducted by an optometrist to prevent further damage. In Port Richey, FL True Focus Eye Care offers treatment and emergency eye care for anyone suffering from eye conditions that require an eye doctor. These common conditions, their symptoms, and treatment options are listed below.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition associated with a burning sensation in your eye or the feeling of having an object in your eye. Loss of vision may occur in extreme cases, however, this is rare. Tear production can be stimulated by medicated drops prescribed by an optometrist.


Glaucoma refers to a range of conditions that cause optic nerve damage. This damage is a result of intraocular pressure. Without treatment, severe cases can end in blindness.

It is therefore important to visit your eye doctor for eye exams if you experience the following symptoms;

  • Headaches
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Sickness and vomiting
  • Multi-colored halos

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

The retina has a small part in the middle that enables the eyes to see details. It is called the macula. Macular degeneration is likely to occur in people over the age of 65 and may be exacerbated by poor diets, smoking, and obesity. Symptoms include blurred vision, reduction in detailed vision and color distortion

Treatment for macular degeneration can be through injection therapy, miniature telescope implantation through therapy, and lens replacement surgery.

Diabetic Eye

Diabetic eye is characterized by retinal blood vessels damage due to diabetes. Blindness and vision loss can result from this condition. It is caused by macular swelling. Comprehensive eye exams can detect diabetic eye through the following symptoms;

  • Damage to nerve tissue
  • Leaking blood vessels
  • Swelling of the macula
  • Changes to blood vessels
  • Changes in the lens

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome refers to a variety of problems related to prolonged use of tablets, cell-phones, computers, and e-readers. It is characterized by vision problems and eye discomfort.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The symptoms of many eye diseases may not be obvious until the advanced stages of the disease. Regular visits to your local optometrist are important in the early detection of common eye diseases. Optometrists detect, diagnose and treat using advanced diagnostic technology for comprehensive eye examinations before severe vision problems arise. Surgery may be recommended for extreme vision problems. Your local optometrist can aid you in pre-surgery and post-surgery recovery.

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