We work with with a few clinics to provide pre- and post-op care for refractive surgeries. TLC is one of the clinics that we work with on a regular basis. Here is some information about them and the procedure.

LASIK is laser eye surgery to improve vision. It allows the freedom to live hassle-free with less dependence on corrective lenses. At TLC, it’s a personalized 15-minute procedure that provides the potential for 20/20 eyesight or better. You can expect to return to normal activity within one or two days*.

*Recovery time can take longer for PRK procedures. Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon. For additional information, visit www.TLCEYE.com

With over 2.2 million procedures performed, TLC is one of the largest providers of laser vision correction in North America. TLC has over 25 years of experience, the latest FDA-approved LASIK technology, a nationwide network of locations and world-class doctors dedicated to strict clinical protocols.

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK is through TLC’s free, comprehensive consultation.

Your eye doctor knows your eyes best. That’s why we believe that your LASIK treatment plan should be a collaborative experience between you, your eye doctor and a TLC specialist. All pre and postoperative care would be completed by your local Optometrist.

Promotions offered

Only for Patients of TLC Proud Partner Eye Doctors!


*$1,000 Savings ($500 off per eye) valid on Bladeless Custom LASIK at participating centers only. Patient must complete their procedure within 60 days after receiving their discount. Card must be provided to TLC at time of surgery. Discount cannot be used if a procedure is already scheduled at a TLC location. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers, previous surgery, insurance or vision care plan savings. Call your eye doctor or TLC Tampa 813.348.0775 to schedule your FREE LASIK Consultation. LASIK, like any other surgical procedure, has risks of complications and should be discussed with your eye care provider. For additional information, visit www.TLCEYE.com