Ahhh For Your Eyes™

If you suffer from headaches, end of day eye fatigue, dry eye, dizziness or neck pain, a misalignment between your eyes could be the problem. Our practice is excited to now offer neurolens® – a revolutionary new lens design that corrects eye misalignment and has helped thousands of patients alleviate these symptoms.

93% of patients have responded positively to wearing Neurolenses after purchasing

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I have never been more surprised than I was with how effective my new NeuroLenses were for my dry eyes! Within a week of wearing my new lenses, my dry eye discomfort had diminished. After a few weeks, I had actually forgotten that I had ever experienced dry eyes in the first place! I was totally amazed at how much my NeuroLenses changed my eyes for the better. I am so grateful that I was introduced to NeuroLenses at True Focus Eye Care.
– Sally S.