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Contact Lenses

Home Delivery

Less than year supply  |  $10.00
For your convenience, if your contacts are not in stock, we can ship your contacts of nearly any prescription and brand directly to your house.

Year Supply  |  FREE!
If you buy a year supply, we will ship your contacts to you for FREE.  It can be very inconvenient taking home a bulk supply of daily contacts, and if you are not going straight home, keeping your contacts in the hot car for an extended amount of time can have adverse affects to the integrity of the lenses.  Now, you don't have to worry about that!

We will also throw in a free pair of sunglasses.  You can choose between a selection of Polarized and non-polarized glasses with UV-protection, of course!

*Manufacture Mail-in Rebates!  We take all manufacture rebates, so we'll make sure you get the best deal for your contact lenses.  

**Amount varies between individual lenses.  Contact us for more details.

LASIK  |  $1,000 OFF

We have partnered with TLC to give you personalized care to ensure the best visual outcome after the procedure.  When we schedule your consultation at our office, you will get $1,000 of the total.  

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