Did you know that even if you have perfect vision, you should still see an optometrist on a regular basis? Glaucoma, disease related to the optic nerve, may be the perfect example of why this is so important. You can have glaucoma for years before ever noticing symptoms! At True Focus Eye Care, we invite people from Port Richey, Pasco count, and Hernando County, FL, to come visit us for routine eye exams and glaucoma screening services. The sooner we can diagnose the condition, the earlier we can implement treatment to maximize your eyesight.

What Is Glaucoma?

There are several types of glaucoma, but all relate to progressive damage to the optic nerve. The most common type of glaucoma, open-angle glaucoma, is caused by a disruption to the drainage of fluid from inside one or both eyes, despite the eye’s drainage angle remaining open.

Because the fluid in the eye stops draining properly, pressure can build up inside the eye. Eventually, this can damage the optic nerve at the spot where it connects with the eye. However, glaucoma can still occur even without an increase in inner eye pressure.

Glaucoma Symptom and Risk Factors

As mentioned, there are no symptoms of glaucoma in the first several months or years of the disease, despite the fact that during this time irreversible damage is being done to the optic nerve. When the condition progresses far enough, a person may begin to have trouble with their peripheral vision. Eventually, this may start to look like tunnel vision, or even total blindness.

Risk factors for glaucoma include smoking, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and being over the age of 60 (or over the age of 40 in African-Americans).

Glaucoma Management at Our Port Richey Optometry Clinic

There’s no cure for glaucoma, and if you lose vision because of it, you unfortunately can’t get it back. With help from our Port Richey optometry team, you or your loved one can manage your symptoms and potentially slow the progression of the disease. 

Our services for people with glaucoma include education about low vision strategies, prescription eyewear, and eye drops or oral medications to help control inner eye pressure. We also provide pre-surgical consults and post-surgical care for people who elect to undergo procedures that help promote drainage of the inner eye fluid.

Need a Glaucoma Screening?

At True Focus Eye Care, we’re focused on your long-term eye health! Contact us today to schedule a glaucoma screen by calling (727) 819-0440.